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*Those who are 12 years of age or under as of April 1, 2021, are entitled to apply for the Junior Division.


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【Application rules】

  • Each work must be a four-panel manga strip.
    Each four-panel manga must consist of a single page, but
    each panel can be in any shape, size, and arrangement.
    Each applicant can submit up to five works. Each work
    must be comprised of four panels. Each work must be
    completed in four panels. (You may use the same
    character and world view in all your works.)
  • Create and save each work in accordance with the following data format guidance.
    Number of pixels: Around 3,000 px × 4,500 px
    Image format: JPEG format (in RGB or grayscale)
    *No works in CMYK format or 2-gradation (monochrome) will be accepted.)
  • Works in color or monochrome and any language are acceptable.
  • Input necessary items into the form at the time of posting.
  • Works contrary to the purpose of the contest may not be
    accepted, e.g., those containing expressions promoting violence,
    slander, discrimination, obscenity, or offensive to others.
    Any work that is found to be entered in other contests will be
    disqualified even if their winning entry is chosen.
  • Entries must not infringe on the copyrights, portrait
    rights, or other rights of third parties.

【Handling of copyrights】

For each work submitted, a copyright will be issued and belong to the applicant on the condition that Kitakyushu City may use the work (i.e., exhibit, print, publish, and display the work on the Internet) without the applicant’s permission being required.

【Handling of personal information】

Personal information on all applicants will be handled properly in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and no personal information on any applicants will be used for purposes other than the Kitakyushu International Manga Competition.

【Inquiry about the submission of your work】